Leeks are available all year round. In the Netherlands the provinces of North Brabant and Limburg are the most important growing areas and, in Belgium, mid to West Flanders is particularly known for its leeks. Leeks are traditionally an important autumn and winter vegetables. By using different types of leeks it is now possible to supply them throughout the year. Because the leeks start blossoming in May, the last winter leeks are harvested between mid and the end of April and stored in cold rooms at -1 °C before they are cleaned. These leeks can be stored this way up to the end of June. Only when these leeks are taken from the cold rooms are they cleaned. At the time of harvest, the types of leeks are categorised as summer, autumn and winter leeks. The summer and autumn types have a longer shaft than the winter types.

Five different crops can be distinguished:

  • Summer crop - sowing in mid-January
  • Early autumn crop - sowing in mid-March
  • Late autumn crop – sowing at the end of March
  • Winter crop - sowing at the beginning of April
  • Late winter crop - sowing at the end of April

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