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Who helps the family with the purchase of a wheelchair bus for Noali?
Noali is a cheerful girl of 3 years and is the third and youngest child in the family. During her birth, Noali had a brain haemorrhage, which caused a water head to develop at Noali. After a difficult period of many investigations and uncertainty, an internal drain was installed at Noali to remove the excess of cerebrospinal fluid. Unfortunately, despite the good care at the UMCG in Groningen, problems arose with the drain, as a result of which Noali was operated six times in her first year of life. Because of this she was more in the hospital than she was at home.

Because of these many operations Noali has suffered a developmental delay and she is also physically handicapped due to a low muscle tone. She is unable to sit, stand or walk independently, so that she needs support in the form of aids and care in all daily operations.

Because of the care for Noali, the family was forced to move to a house with sleeping and shower facilities on the ground floor so they no longer have to lift Noali and shower can be adjusted. Noali currently has an adapted bed, an adapted pram and the next step for Noali will be a wheelchair and adapted transport.

The family's wish is a wheelchair bus for Noali so that they can transport Noali in a responsible manner to, among other things, the medical day care center, the hospital, but also get on the road together, as a real family, with her brother Djayden and sister Jaycelynn.

Due to the many medical expenses over the past three years and the move, it is financially not feasible for the family to pay for a wheelchair bus, partly because the bus can not be older than three years. The municipality only provides the necessary adjustments in the wheelchair bus if the bus is not older than three years.

Support the family like Freeland by getting the bus together! Every bit helps. 

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