The origin of the tomato is South America where it was already cultivated by the Incas, and it was brought back to Europe by the Spanish. Tomatoes can be eaten both raw and cooked.


There are many varieties of tomatoes - from small cherry tomatoes to large beef tomatoes and from yellow bunch tomatoes to red and green tiger tomatoes. New varieties and tastes are constantly being developed. It can be traded loose but also as bunch tomato. We will restrict ourselves to the most commonly traded sorts in the overview below, but we can supply anything that you can imagine!


Loose (beef) tomatoes

Availability     : March to December. Import in the winter

Supplied as    : A 47-57 mm, B 57-67 mm, C 40-47 mm, 2B 67-77 mm, 3B 77-87 mm, 4B 87 mm+

Packaging      : A, B, C and 2B tomatoes in 6 kg box or EPS. 2B, 3B and 4B in 7 kg box or EPS. 

                      Small packaging and labelling in a great many ways are possible.

Brands           : Various


Bunch tomatoes

Availability      : All the year round

Supplied as     : Medium, medium large and large. 5 kg box or EPS, Small packaging posssible

Packaging       : Box

Brands            : Various


Cherry tomatoes

Availability       : February to November. Import from various countries during the winter.

Supplied          : Fine 20-25 mm, medium 25-30 mm and large 30-35 mm 

Packaging        : 9x250 or loose in 4 kg.

Brands             : Various

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