Radishes were already being grown and eaten more than two thousand years ago by the Egyptians. This vegetable was brought to Europe in the 16th century. This delicacy is easy to grow. Radishes are mostly sold loose in bunches but flow pack is also possible. The most well-known variety is the red root but there are also other varieties such as the red and white or ``white top`` radish. As well as the normal bunches of radishes, they are also traded as without leaves - the so-called "poly radish".

Radishes Bunch

Availability  :  All the year round with a peak from February to April
Supplied as  :  15 in a bunch, 10 in a bunch flow pack and 12 in a bunch flow pack
Packaging  :  In box or wooden crate
Brand  :  Various, Yilmaz

Radish Poly

Availability  :  All the year round
Supplied as  :  20x125, 10 kg, 10x1
Packaging  :  Box, sack
Brand  :  Various


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