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Freeland works with growers both at home and abroad. Growers from our European network provide a good and safe product. The close-knit Freeland team supplies many customers all over Europe every day. Freeland customers can be found in the supermarket branch, among wholesalers and in the processing industry. Growers associations are not only suppliers to Freeland but are also often customers.

A conscious decision has been taken for the strategy of keeping the line between the grower and the customer as short as possible - that is for chain integration at its best. This provides the customer with many advantages. Products are fresh and according to the specifications required by the customer. There is no unnecessary loading and unloading, which only leads to a loss of quality. Permanent relationships form an important part of the success!

In the course of the past few years Freeland has developed into an important player in Europe for the products iceberg lettuce, broccoli, onions and cauliflower. We strive to do the best possible for our customers every day. The close-knit team and a full understanding of the trade make Freeland a flexible and reliable supplier!

Food safety is important and will become even more so in the future. Naturally, Freeland is SKAL certified, we work with growers who are GlobalGap certified, and we are also affiliated to Food Compass. Food safety is guaranteed by packing the products, labeling them and processing them in the correct manner. Tracking and tracing is then simple and a commonplace matter.

At Freeland we know how it should be done: reliability, honesty and providing good market information, that is what we stand for!



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